Jul 072013

Prepare for the 2013 Hurricane Season in Naples, Florida. NOAA (http://www.noaa.gov/) anticipates 3 to 6 major hurricanes this season.

In the event a major storm menaces the Naples area consider having pool shock on supply. Pool Shock will provide additional protection against the pool turning green. Pool shock is added straight into the pool at a rate of one pound per 10,000 gallons. Hurricanes may cause pools to turn green for various reasons: (1) You may lose power for days and your pool will not have filtration or circulation. (2) A major storm or hurricane can bring a surplus of rain that will alter the pool’s chemistry through dilution and algae flowing in from overfilled runoffs. (3) Hurricanes will litter your pool with debris such as leaves, microorganisms, bacteria, and organic contaminates. All of these factors contribute to the growth of algae in any pool. Be sure to shock your pool prior to the storm and remove excessive debris once the storm has passed. In the mean time…enjoy your pool!


Meteorologist With Water

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