Public Adjuster Naples


Public Adjuster Naples

Public Adjuster Naples (by law) advocates for YOU, the policyholder, in the presentation of your claim and throughout the claims process.

Our Public Adjusters act on behalf the insured and NOT the insurance company or the contractors restoring the loss.

Our Public Adjusters’ purpose is to achieve a final payment that is accurate and fair for YOU!

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjuster Naples

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Telephone: (877) P I ADJUSTER – (877) 742-3587

Our Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis. If you do not get paid, we do not get paid!

Licensed by the State of Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) (, our Public Adjusters represent only the policyholder.

Our Public Adjuster’s fiduciary responsibility is to you: the policyholder.

Attempting to deal with insurance companies can be complicated. Insurance companies are adversarial by nature and prefer not to compensate you for your loss. You have been paying insurance premiums in the prospect of receiving full recovery reimbursement or replacement for your loss or damages.  However, when it comes time for you to submit a claim, it seems the insurance company acts like you are getting something for nothing.  Even before you get to that point, you should hire a public adjuster!  Hire a public adjuster the moment you suffer damage and before you submit your claim.  Hire in a timely manner within 24 hours!

Numerous policyholders who have suffered damage to their home or business make the error of waiting to employ a Public Adjuster. The earlier a Public Adjuster is involved in an insurance claim, the easier a claim is facilitated; and the less likelihood of binding damage by the insured. The insurance company will send one of their adjusters, paid for by the insurance industry, to your home or business to ascertain your damage. While most are very amicable, they may sway you into a false sense of security and manipulate your statements in order to formulate partial or total denial of the claim.

Contact a Public Adjuster as soon as your home or business has been damaged or destroyed by a wind, tornado, hurricane, rain storm, flood, water, fire, lightning, sink hole, or simply a broken pipe or water line!

We will handle your total claim with the utmost expertise, professionalism and integrity to get you the most money for you loss.

We provide you with personal care.  We are a boutique firm.

Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC at (877) P I ADJUSTER (877) 742-3587

Public Adjuster Naples

Public Adjuster Naples